Proudly using VertexFX 10

an image"Our Company" offers VertexFX Trader 10, the award-winner online trading platform. It is considered one of the most friendly and reliable platforms in the world in terms of each feature detailed functionality that make the dealing with the platform easier, more flexible and more automated.

VertexFX 10 is supporting expert chart traders. With VTL 10 scripting language and new API structure, auto trading becomes much more advanced for both Server Side Scripts (VTL Server) where no need to keep your client terminal running to run your script, but just host it at the server and close your PC. Besides that, Client Side Scripts (VTL Client) where expert trader can also apply his script at his client if he still need so and develop his own custom indicators, alerting systems and client side auto trades and analyzers.

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Key Features
  • Enhanced Full System Interface
  • Technical Analysis
  • Enhanced Market Watch
  • Client and Server Scripting Support (VTL)
  • Expert Advisors and Auto Trading Capabilities
  • Multi Account Trading Terminal (e-Broker)
  • Trade from the Web (WebTrader)
  • SMS Notifications
  • Open Plugin Market Place (vStore)
  • Styling